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Our Favourite iPhone 8 Rumours

Our Favourite iPhone 8 Rumours

We know what you’re thinking: Didn’t we just have a new iPhone?

Yes, we did. In fact, the iPhone 7 was only released in mid-September. Yet here we are, ready to discuss the potential bells and whistles of the iPhone 8.

And while the iteration from 6 to 7 brought us a few surprises, the shift from 7 to 8 could be seismic.

So, let’s take a look at the very best rumours and try to piece together a picture of the smartphone those boffins in Cupertino could be working on for a 2017 release.


Photo Source: Google search

Apple Hates Wires

Well, it certainly seems that way, doesn’t it?

After removing the headphone jack and releasing the AirPods, it looks like the next iPhone will be charged wirelessly.

What’s more, the technology Apple have reportedly been researching will allow the device to be charged from across the room, rather than placed on a charging plate like those currently on the market.


Photo Source: AppleInsider

Bigger & Better Biometrics

It seems the Touch ID which first launched on the iPhone 5s was merely the beginning of Apple tinkering with biometrics.

AppleInsider suggested back in August that iris-scanning technology could be included in the next iPhone, meaning you’d be able to unlock you phone simply by looking into the front-facing camera.


Photo Source: Thrillist 

Show Us Your Curves

If the rumours and theories are to be believed, we could be looking at a major redesign of the iPhone.

In particular, screen real estate will be expanded and accommodated by a curved design, ‘bent’ on each side. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but with that quintessential Apple design flair, it also appears the iPhone 8 will be made of glass.

And the display quality will be bumped up a notch, with the standard LCD screen being replaced by an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen. This should provide a much-improved contrast, helping colours leap from the iPhone better than ever before.


Photo Source : Nikkei

Multiple Models

Well, three, to be precise.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is planning on releasing three different versions of the iPhone 8. That OLED screen we just mentioned might be reserved for only those willing to pay a premium for it, with another two models of varying sizes being shipped with the lower-quality LCD display.


Photo Source: BGR

No More Home Button

That’s right, with the expansion of the screen size, Apple will apparently ditch the physical ‘clicky’ Home button once and for all to avoid increasing the size of the device.

Instead, we’ll probably have a ‘virtual’ home button available on the screen, therefore allowing for a display that extends to the very edge of the device.

However, this does prompt a few more questions, such as: Where will the front-facing camera go? And if the whole thing is curved and covered in glass, how can we protect it from cracking?

Only time will tell, but with this level of speculation swirling around, be prepared for a major leap forward from Apple in 2017.


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