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Hirola’s Monthly Roundup – 5 Things in December

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best and most interesting tech, marketing, and social media news stories. This month we welcome an old friend to the iPhone, learn about Instagram’s policy change, and check out Messenger’s latest update. But first…


  1. iOs 10.2 Drops

Apple are rounding off 2016 with what looks like the final iOS update of the year. iOS 10.2 brings more features to the iPhone, including new and redesigned emojis, new wallpapers, and a new TV app (US only).

They’ve also squashed a few bugs, including the annoying one that caused a text you were typing in the quick response bubble to be lost when you switched to full screen.

For the full lowdown on the update, click here.


  1.  Oh Hello, Old Friend

We first mentioned this little guy returning to our lives back in September, and now everyone’s favourite moustachioed Italian plumber has arrived on the iPhone.

Super Mario Run became available for download on December 15th to critical acclaim. However, many fans are disappointed that it’s not free-to-play (it’ll cost you a cool £7.99 to download) and it’s not available to play offline.

That being said, this is a premium mobile game in every sense of the word. And it’s a lot of fun too.

Download it here.


  1.  Instagram Policy Change

Instagram have become the latest social media platform to make moves against a growing trend of cyberbullying.

Over the next few weeks, users of the photo sharing app will start to see the option of turning off comments on individual posts, removing followers from private accounts without having to block them, and liking comments rather than just photos.

All of this has been designed to make the app a more ‘welcoming place for everyone’. Read more about these changes here.


  1.  FB Messenger Snaps

Another month goes by, and it’s another Facebook ‘Snapchat clone’ to discuss.

This time, it’s the turn of FB’s standalone messaging app Messenger to go toe-to-toe with the wildly popular image-sharing app.

The globally available update to Messenger has added a number of features to rival Snapchat, including real-time AR masks, stickers, emojis, doodles, and filters.

Has Facebook finally cracked it? Only time will tell.


  1. The Best of the ‘Best ofs’

And finally, to see 2016 off in style, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the round ups by taking a quick peek at the best apps of the year, according to both Apple and Google.

You can read them here:

If that’s all a little ‘TL;DR’ for you then we’ll just let you know: Prisma won the best app title on both iOS and Android. Deservedly so, if you ask us.

And that’s December all wrapped up (sorry). Keep an eye out for our first roundup of 2017 in January, and check out our other blog posts here.

What caught your eye in the world of tech and marketing this month? Tell us on Twitter.


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