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Hirola’s Monthly Roundup – 5 Things in January

And we’re back!


Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best and most interesting tech, marketing, and social media news stories. This month we say goodbye to a gaming legend, help you keep your New Year’s resolutions, and get a sneak peek at the future of travel. But first…

  1. Silicon Valley Hits Back

We kick off our first roundup of 2017 by briefly looking at a President Trump-related tech story.

Many of you will be well aware of the far-reaching impact of his immigration ban, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed in Silicon Valley.

Major technology companies such as Google, Apple, Netflix, Twitter, and Y-Combinator have all spoken out against the ban, particularly as it directly threatens a number of their employees, and their ability to compete for the world’s best talent.

Microsoft called it ‘misguided’ and Mozilla claimed the ban ‘ignores history’. And the co-founder of Airbnb Brian Chesky has offered housing to anyone currently unable to return to the US.

Read more about the response here.

  1. Don’t Break Those Resolutions!

January is a month of temptation. Leftover chocolate, leftover booze, and a surplus of sweeties and crisps makes the whole “New Year, New You” thing that little bit more difficult.

But if you’re serious about kicking some bad habits and becoming a better you, your smartphone could be just the way to do it.

Here are the 7 apps we think you’ll need to keep your resolutions intact.

  1. Superfast Travel is On Its Way

Earlier in January, it was announced that Hyperloop One is planning the world’s first full-size hyperloop test in Las Vegas later this year.

Another Elon Musk-backed innovation, the hyperloop is based on a concept involving levitating pods that would travel in vacuum tubes at over 700 mph.

According to Musk, the hyperloop could travel between LA and San Francisco in only 36 minutes (it currently takes around 7 hours by train).

The test is designed as a proof of concept to show that the company has the technology sussed in order to provide travel at close to the speed of sound.

Read more here.

  1. RIP, the Father of Pac-Man

The man dubbed the “Father of Pac-Man”, Masaya Nakamura has passed away at the age of 91.

In 1955 he founded the Japanese video game company Namco, which would release the smash hit arcade game in 1980.

Pac-Man was designed by video game maker Toru Iwatani, and would go on to be played more than 10 billion times. The Guinness Book of Records named it the world’s most successful coin-operated game.

Read more here.

  1. #DeleteUber

And finally, we cap off our first roundup of 2017 with another Trump-related story; a Trump-sandwich, if you will.

Many Uber users across the United States, and further afield, are deleting the app and closing their accounts, all while sharing the #DeleteUber hashtag on Twitter.

This comes after the hitherto wildly-popular ride-sharing app was heavily criticised for their response to Trump’s immigration ban over the weekend. Uber advertised the fact that ‘surge pricing’ had been suspended, and continued to collect passengers from JFK Airport in New York while taxi drivers staged an anti-Trump strike.

This was ultimately viewed as Uber siding with Trump, or at the very least taking advantage of the strike.

And that’s January done and dusted. Keep an eye out for our next roundup in February, and check out our other blog posts here.

What caught your eye in the world of tech and marketing this month? Tell us on Twitter.