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HIROLA’s Top 6 Chromecast Apps in 2017

In the US, cords are being cut right, left, and centre. People are increasingly choosing streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Hulu over traditional cable television providers.


Meanwhile, in the UK, cord cutting just doesn’t seem to be a thing. But the way we consume media is changing, and with so many options available, it will only be a matter of time before many Brits follow suit.


And one such device that will prove indispensable when that time comes will be Google’s dongle, the Chromecast. This clever little piece of kit plugs into the USB port of your TV, and allows you to stream from your phone or tablet direct to your big screen.


So, if you fancy freeing yourself of the shackles of a 24 month TV subscription, here are the apps you’ll need to make the most of your Chromecast.


  1. Netflix

You might already have a Netflix account – over 5 million households in the UK subscribe – and it’s probably the best reason to get yourself a Chromecast. Browse a massive catalogue of TV shows and movies on your tablet or phone, and then with one tap of your finger, beam it to your big screen.


Available to download from the Play Store. 

  1. BBC iPlayer


If the idea of giving up watching regularly scheduled BBC programming has you all antsy, then worry not – the iPlayer app means you can enjoy BBC shows as they’re being broadcast, or on your own schedule.


Available to download from the Play Store.


  1. Twitch

From Netflix and iPlayer to something a little more contemporary. People are watching other people play video games live as entertainment. Yes, that is a thing that is happening. And Twitch is the platform to use if you’d like to join in.


Available to download from the Play Store.


  1. Monopoly Here & Now

The Chromecast isn’t just for watching, it’s for doing. If you have some family or friends around, and you fancy a modern twist on a classic board game, then Monopoly Here & Now is just the ticket. The main board will be up on the TV while players track their properties, money, and pieces on their smartphones.


Available to download from the Play Store.


  1. BT Sport

Just as the way in which we consume media in general is changing, so too is the way we specifically consume live sport. BT in particular have adopted a very joined up approach, and with their app, subscribers to both BT Sport and BT broadband can stream live football, rugby, motor racing, and more from their smartphones to their TVs.


Available to download from the Play Store.


  1. Now TV

If the only thing stopping you from dumping your expensive Sky contract is Game of Thrones, then we’ve some news for you: Sky offer an alternative, and it’s called Now TV. You can pay for a monthly Entertainment Pass, giving you access to Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, and more, without having to commit to a long and binding subscription. What’s more, you can access a massive library of movies, including blockbusting premieres via the Sky Cinema Pass, while live sport is only a few taps away with the Sky Sports Day Pass.


Available to download from the Play Store.



Have you downloaded any of these Chromecast apps? Which one was your favourite? Tell us on Twitter.