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About This Project

1Rebel or ‘The King of Gyms’ as crowned by GQ


1Rebel are revolutionising London’s fitness industry. 1Rebel have two centrally located, no contract, pay-as-you-train boutiques with more in the pipeline. With Ride, Reshape and Rumble sessions they’re specifically created to make you train hard.


1Rebel were looking for a mobile partner to work with an already in place website & booking system. The initial product would be to a high standard but quick to the store, whilst forward planning additional featuresover the coming months.


Branding, design & UX

1Rebel already have a specific set of guidelines in place that we produced wireframes UX and designs to in order to create these products. We ensure that the right transitions are used to maximise user engagement whilst still adhering to the API’s and web interfaces that were available to us.


How did we build it?

1Rebel is built using a mix of web-based views, JavaScript functions, native iOS code using Objective C and Swift, and native Android using Java.


Where is it now?

1Rebel isĀ available to download on the app store.