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About This Project

Amplify Trading bring a unique approach to trading. With a deep market understanding and focus on risk management, they have helped develop future traders. They now extend their unique approach to some of the world’s largest financial institutions.


Amplify Trading train their traders internally and needed a way of capturing real life market data and trades so individuals can learn in a real-time environment.


The challenge was that a day’s trading needed to be compressed and fit into a one or two hour class. Compressing all of this real-time data required not only a smart algorithm, but also a robust infrastructure.


The Amplify Trading products maintain heavy graphical elements, real-time changing data and an animated user interface.


Branding, Design & UX

Amplify Trading came to us as an existing business, new to the mobile, web and tech space.


We were required to ensure the product was easy to use, and on one screen without having to switch to access key components of the product. Switching pages would result in missed trades and therefore impact the learning of the traders.


Further to this, we had to design in a way that was transferrable across all of web, iOS, and Android.


How did we build it?

Amplify Trading is available for iOS, Android, and as a web application. It is built on a custom infrastructure containing their algorithm and data.


We used Objective C, Java, ReactJS, PHP, Laravel MVC framework, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS


Where are they now?

Amplify Trading passed on their training software to another business. It was rebranded and continued under a new name.