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About This Project


ecojot is a brother sister team founded by Mark & Carolyn Gavin in 2007. They create eco-friendly stationery, paper goods, and custom products that feature whimsical and inspirational designs.



As the digital space evolved, both Mark & Carolyn saw the obvious need to address what was increasingly becoming a threat to their business – digital paper & note taking, and the process of storing your notes digitally rather than having countless pages of paper.

Upon approaching us to provide a solution, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology was our immediate answer. We worked with ecojot to create paper that could be scanned into the product. Their paper could only be recognised by the ecojot app, and the ecojot app could only recognise their paper, ensuring sales of their paper based products remained unaffected.



Branding, Design & UX

ecojot already had their own brand & design guidelines with their existing products and we happily worked with these. The colour palette helped to create a bright and vibrant app.

The user experience was focused on enabling users to take a picture as quickly and as easily as possible, ensuring there were no obstacles.



How did we build it?
We used OCR technology in both the iOS and Android product, which were coded using Objective C and Java respectively.



Where are they now?

The ecojot products are live on both iTunes and Google Play.