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About This Project

Fuzzy Banter is a mobile dating service with a unique twist.


Including searches, nudges, matches, and messages, Fuzzy Banter allows you to speak to your matches before revealing what you look like, putting the courting back into dating with a fresh and well-received approach.

Fuzzy Banter came to us with just a name. We were tasked to design, build, and advertise their product for an initial BETA launch.

Following this, we’ve worked closely with the Fuzzy Banter team to take user feedback, refine, and further develop their products.


Branding, Design & UX

With many dating apps already on the market, we conducted a lot of research, finding out what worked for some users and what didn’t for others.

Fuzzy banter has a unique selling point, which needed to be at the forefront of the user experience. The app uses some new features, including profile card swiping and sending pre-populated messages. This app was designed to be user-friendly in all areas, not only in flow but also in language and brand.


How did we build it?

Throughout this project we’ve used Objective C, Swift,  AFNetworking Library, Google Maps SDK, APN, Java, GCM, Volley Networking Library, MySQL, PHP, and Laravel MVC Framework.


Where are they now?

Fuzzy Banter is available to download for both iOS and Android.

We continue to work with Fuzzy Banter to further develop the brand name and user experience.

You may remember seeing Fuzzy Banter on the London Underground, and on your television screens, and they will soon be returning for their next push to market.