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About This Project

RoomFlick helps you find your perfect flatmate via your social networks, making it easier to find someone to live with. Think Spareroom meets Tinder.


It started as a joint venture between the original Founder, Ross Nichols, and HIROLA.

Having built the product and received excellent traction, Ross, Amit, and Martin (the latter two Managing Director and Non-Exec at HIROLA) took this forward and received an initial round of investment via the PropTech growth accelerator PiLabs.

Through organic growth and social advertising, RoomFlick quickly reached 20,000 downloads. With growing Monthly Active Users the next step is to raise further investment with an SEIS seed round.


Branding, Design & UX

RoomFlick started as an initial concept with a clear vision in place. We went with this vision and created the branding, logo, and app icon, as well as handling both the design and UX of the product.

The user experience was always in the name Roomflick. The swiping action was now second nature thanks to the success of Tinder. Swiping rooms if you like or dislike either the room or individual renting the space out was easy, and accessing these rooms for later viewing just one tap away.

The most important aspect of the mobile experience was uploading a room. We designed this in a way that, from start to finish, a room can be uploaded within 20 seconds; crucial to the success of RoomFlick.


How did we build it?

RoomFlick was built using Objective C for iOS and Java for Android.


Where are they now?

RoomFlick has been available for iOS on iTunes since July 2015. The Android version will be available on the Google Play store from May.