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About This Project

Supply Clouds is a three-way communication tool that connects schools, agencies, and teachers together.



We provided full branding, design, and UX for Supply Clouds, combining everything into three web applications and two native mobile applications. The schools, agencies, and Supply Clouds use the web applications, while the teachers use the native mobile products.



Branding, Design & UX

Our client has experience within his target market. He understands the pains and frustrations of his fellow teachers. He had already conducted his own research for all parties involved in the app and dashboards.


Our toughest challenge to overcome was to understand what happens when multiple dashboard and app users crossover. There are many variables within each process, which needed careful consideration in order to successfully create a seamless user journey for all users.



How did we build it?

It is critical to Supply Clouds that the technology is both scalable and real time.


The mobile application enables users to interact with a global platform. The app is able to track the location, send messages and list available jobs for teachers who use Supply Clouds.


The status of the user had to be as “real-time” as possible, so we needed to set up timers and smart handlers in order to know when a teacher is moving, or not using the app, or standing without changing their current location. Notifications for new jobs and generally the job handling needed to be smart and quick to achieve the best possible user experience.


The main challenge we had to overcome throughout the development process was to ensure the application worked seamlessly across web, iOS, and Android.


Throughout this project we’ve used Objective C, Swift,  AFNetworking Library, Google Maps SDK, APN, Java, GCM, Volley Networking Library, AngularJS, MySQL, PHP and Laravel MVC Framework.



Where are they now?

Supply Clouds are live and selling products to their customers through B2B lead generation and cold calling, they have active users across the entire platform and both iOS & Android apps are available to download.


We continue to work with Supply Clouds on a retained basis, to both maintain and further develop the technology on a month-by-month basis. It’s an enjoyable relationship & rewarding to see the Supply Clouds business grow.

Having received funding for Supply Clouds I went out to tender the build to multiple agencies. The fundamental points for me were trust, quality design, quality code and responsiveness to problems. This to me is what makes a great agency. The biggest compliment I can give is through my actions. We chose HIROLA out of many, we’re now working with HIROLA on a retained bases to help develop Supply Clouds to the next level, need I say more… Great team & great outfit!

Jon Scott – Supply Clouds