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About This Project


Annection are a financial house who came to us with no web or mobile presence, but a clear idea of what they required to make their strategy work.



This consisted of obtaining a web presence, while using content marketing to build their network of both startups and investors.

We designed and built both a website and an iOS app that are administered by a bespoke content management system, allowing the Annection team to distribute new content to their users on a daily basis.

The name of their first mobile product was TechBooster.



Branding, Design & UX

Creating the content management system for this app was a fun and complex task.

The client needed a clean and clear user interface to ensure they were able to upload content to the app in a fast and effective manner, without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of options they have to input manually.

Working back from the app, we identified the type of content they wanted to upload to each article. This allowed us to create a manageable way for them to add new content, edit existing and remove old articles.



How did we build it?

We designed an app that at a high level was a newsreader with all content either being aggregated from other sources or uploaded via the TechBooster CMS.

We built-in user commenting, liking, article ‘boosting’ for favorite articles, push notifications, as well as a custom webview to enable text formatting from the CMS. User login and other social sign-up options were also included, in addition to the expected sharing functionality.

Throughout this project we’ve used Objective C, Swift, MySQL, PHP and Laravel MVC Framework for connecting the APIs.



Where are they now?

The Annection website is now live and TechBooster is available to download from the iTunes store.

Annection as a financial house continue to add exciting businesses to their portfolio. If you are an entrepreneur and think you could benefit from their services then get in touch with them here.