Up beat - App - HIROLA
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About This Project

An concept music app to reinvent how we listen and interact with music.


HIROLA designed a new music app including an app logo, mobile iOS interfaces and a proposal document for a UpBeat.


Branding, design & UX
Because there are already a significant number of music apps, the idea was to introduce a new feature to differentiate from existing competitors, alongside a compelling design. The target audience was wide (male and female between 15-40) and should be opened to all artists and genres. The client had already identified a base colour and listed potential accent colours.


How did we build it?
We started with some user research and a competitive analysis of 4 music app players available in the UK. The analysis has mainly focused on criteria that could help us to differentiate them. We discovered that as part of the onboarding process of a new user, not all apps personalise the content based on customer tastes at the very start. The ability to download music or have it access offline is not always offered. The information architecture (or discovery mode) is variable. The players’ features are in overall very similar but only one provide a lyric feature (Deezer).


Based on these findings, we decided to focus the new apps on:
• On-boarding
• Download / offline
• Robust player with innovative design
• Extra feature as play / record with lyrics


We have chosen as the accent colour the punk pink to carry energy, passion and differentiate from existing music app. The vinyl icon was chosen to embrace both the digital world and the iconic music disc.


Throughout this project we’ve used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.