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About This Project

Wonderush’s mission is to inspire everyone in the world to step out of his or her comfort zone and live more awesome lives.



They provide a lifestyle membership that lets you enjoy unlimited classes and experiences everyday, for free. Classes range from Salsa to Stand Up Comedy, Yoga Raves to Life Drawing, and Hot Tub Dining to Cocktail Making. You can book as many activities as you like every month.


Despite already having an existing web platform, Nelson, the Founder of Wonderush, had a clear and sensible vision to take his product mobile. The nature of booking classes online should be seamless, so it was key to a rapidly growing business that they have a presence on both iTunes and Google Play. We worked with their existing web team to ensure everything was well synchronized and live users experienced a smooth transition when the mobile products went live.



Branding, Design & UX

We worked within the branding guidelines and with designs provided to us by the Wonderush team. A streamlined payment process was vital. We had to offer a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay and credit card payments. We also included a card capture system, ensuring payments were handled as smoothly and securely as possible.



What Technology? How did we build it?

The Wonderush mobile apps make it easy for its users to find and attend many interesting events and experiences located in London, with plans to expand to new areas in the near future. These can be filtered by category (arts, dancing, sports, etc.), by the day and time that each event occurs, by the area of the event (South London, etc.), and even by the user’s current location.



The app presents a detailed description for each event, as well as its location on the map and its schedule, in order to make it easier and more appealing to the user to choose and participate. In all views of the mobile app, a moveable clickable menu button helps the user choose between various options (profile, search, settings) and navigate throughout the app.



Our first challenge was the large amount of large images coming from the server. We also had to ensure any ongoing changes to the live website were reflected in the Android and iOS apps.



Lastly, due to Apple’s strict content guidelines, we needed to be able to offer non-registered users the capability of viewing available experiences and guiding them through a friendly user interface to become members of the Wonderush community. With regards to supporting the mobile app, we created a backend system for the Wonderush team to control the content users see.



During the development of these products we used Objective C, Swift, AFNetworking Library, FLAnimatedImage, Google Maps SDK, Stripe, Apple Pay, Java, Volley Networking Library, Facebook SDK, Ruby On Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL.



Where are they now?

Wonderush go from strength to strength, having recently been awarded New Business of the Year by the Small Business Awards. They are now available on both iTunes and Google Play.



Each month we work closely with Wonderush to help support, maintain, and grow their products.